Farting Farmer and Nice Cans Sell Microbrewery


If you like farms with pigs, cows, fish, farting farmers, aliens and atomic bombs that launch out of grain silos, you're gonna love this new site for Butternuts Beer & Ale from Woods Witt Dealy & Sons. just click around and have fun. Don't forget to click on the tractor in the back.

Along with the website, the campaign also includes print ads, table tents, packaging, posters and a MySpace page, all of which can be seen here. In one of the print ads, the cans are celebrated with the write-itself headline, Nice Cans. The ad is also carries a blue ribbon honoring the breweries position as best brewery in Garrattsville, New York. Not that there's any other brewers there which , of course, is the entire point of the ribbon.

Dubbed "farmhouse ale" (whatever that is) the beer's got great names like Porkslap, Heinnieweisse and Moo Thunder. If a microbrewer has to set itself apart from the pack, aligning the brand with farm nomenclature is certainly one way to do it.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 7-07    
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Kabayanihan 'Plugs' in On Sex Abuse


Adverbox pointed us to this ad by DDB, International for Kabayanihan, Malaysia. Each outlet features a different description for how a man imagines a woman, ranging from "wife" and "soulmate" to "concubine" and "vagina" - the only set of holes with a plug in it.

Did you ever see Grease? This brings new meaning to John Travolta's exclamation that Olivia Newton-John is "electrifying!" In fact, we are wincing in vicarious pain.

by Angela Natividad    Sep- 4-07    
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Heroes Can READ! - Mostly Children's Books, Though.


The Czech Republic's BOOKS has launched a well-rendered ad campaign to raise literacy among the masses. Watch while Catwoman sifts through the pages of "All About Doggie and Pussycat" by Josef Lada. And here, Spiderman reads "Beetles," written by Jan Karafiat.

The campaign was put together by Publicis, Prague. Text reads, "No Inspiration. No Future." It could also read, "It is never too late to scour the children's section for cues on why your life took this odd turn." But that was probably too long.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-30-07    
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Canadian Kids Go to Camp, Shoot AK-47s, Learn War Tactics


To call attention to the 250,000 children around the world who cause group War Child Canada says are training for, fighting and dying in wars at any given moment, the group has launched Camp Okutta, a full blown camp that instructs children on the art of war. Fictitiously, of course. A video, posters and the camp website round out the campaign which was created pro-bono by Toronto agency john st. Indusblu created the Camp Okutta website and Soci-Media created the War Child corporate site.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-22-07    
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Duracell Shoots for Bunny Nemesis, Breaks Toys Instead


Considering Energizer's got a stranglehold on the beloved Bunny, an icon in our childhood, it's understandable that Duracell may have trouble competing on the same front.

But a broken clown toy? (Possibly beaten into submission by that rolling pin to the left of it?!??) And we won't even touch the It component. Are you trying to give us nightmares?

Tagline: "Lasts longer, much longer. Sorry." No, Duracell, we're sorry.

Update: Kristof just shot us another ad from the same campaign, which you can check out here. We've just been overwhelmed by fond memories of Mommy screaming "PICK THAT SHIT UP!" in a drunken rage.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-21-07    
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When Acting Can't Cut It, Go Back to Language 101


Some drunk guy at a party recently quipped that 80 percent of language happens outside of conversation. We don't know about all that, considering these CLL language ads via 2wenty 4our seem to say otherwise. There's nothing more awkward than a dude aping your culture in an attempt to get himself understood. Then again, homoerotic Hammer-time might take the cake.

Check out a variation hither. The spots were put together by Duval Guillaume, Brussels, according to Balendu.

by Angela Natividad    Aug-20-07    
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Proof Fine Furnishing Uses Natural Prints to Say 1,000 Words


To suggest what fragile harmony can exist between man and nature, Proof Fine Furnishing sent us a couple of prints created by Leo Burnett, Singapore.

The tagline quietly reads, "Naturally attractive." You probably can't see it very well but the vase at left is actually composed of butterflies, which you can see more clearly if you zoom in on the PDF version.

We dig the elegance and attention to detail to the pieces, which demand a long look. These kinds of ads, in which you have to do the pursuing, are an undervalued commodity in an environment littered with competing messages.

Check out a lamp stand made of moths here.

by Angela Natividad    Aug- 9-07    
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Another Swedish Invention to Augment Your Difficult Life


McCann Erickson, Geneva put together these ads under the headline, "Why make the effort?" for WattWorld's electric bikes in Sweden. The campaign depicts various situations where, instead of taking the noble course, you could just ... not make the effort.

Balendu suggests the variety of "effortless" scenarios in the campaign deters from the notion of the electric bike. There's some truth to this as we found the concept kind of confusing at first.

But consumers learn fast, and we might just be biased toward electric bikes. If we lose the opportunity to laugh and point while someone pedals uphill with their asses in the air, that's one less daily pleasure in life.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-30-07    
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Amnesty Gets Esoteric, We Fail to See the Light


We're not really sure what's happening in this ad for Amnesty International by Grey Thailand, which solemnly (in Courier, no less) intones, "Not all domestic violence is visible."

In the top right-hand corner there's a wee little gremlin man with his hand raised to strike. He looks like an antagonistic character from a children's novel, maybe something like Freak the Mighty - mean, granted, but only two feet tall.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-26-07    
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Bravo Lets Segmentation Cat Out of Bag


We're not really sure what Bravo was trying to do here. Maybe they thought it would be clever to try nailing ad dollars and viewers in one fell swoop.

With that in mind we get this ad showcasing The Affluencers, a packaged Gen Y boy and girl sporting all accoutrements of cool, including a love of Bravo. The bottom reads, "Most affluent + most influential + most engaged viewers = THE AFFLUENCERS," followed by the tagline, "Watch what happens when you buy Bravo."

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by Angela Natividad    Jul-16-07    
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