Clear Channel Radio to Introduce Five Second 'Ad-lets'


Finding success with its Less is More, shorter form commercial break strategy, Clear Channel will introduce "ad-lets," five second radio spots to compliment their shorter, :30's and :15's. Clear Channel has been in discussion with an undisclosed agency about the short ad units which, like the five second television Cadillac commercials, will either be a novelty or a viable, long term ad unit. Let's just hope radio doesn't become a quick-cut, ADD-style barrage of micro-ads likely to drive some insane while they attempt to keep up with the pace.

by Steve Hall    Sep- 8-05    
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Adam Corolla May Replace Howard Stern


As Howard Stern rides off into the sunset known as satellite radio, rumors abound over who will replace him. There's been talk of David Lee Roth and, since appearing on the Stern show in early August, there's talk of Adam Corolla. No one's confirming anything but Corolla did tell the LA Times, "It's hard to say when it will start. I'm not being evasive; I really have no idea. Right now, I hope it's later rather than sooner."

"I'm really just trying to hash out the next two weeks of my life," Carolla told the Times. "So, something that is potentially four months down the road is not just a mile down the road for me, it's a million miles down the road."

by Steve Hall    Aug-23-05    
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Production Company Launches Worst Radio Commercial Contest


Jeffrey Hedquist, President and Creative Director of Hedquist Productions, Inc. in Fairfield, IA, wants to hear the worst radio commercial in America so he can give it an award in a new competition his company is hosting called The Sow's Ear Award.

Hedquist said, "Send me the worst radio commercial you've ever heard. Maybe you cringed as you heard it on your way to work this morning, maybe your competitor created it, maybe you did it yourself because one of your clients 'forced' you, or maybe it was written by your client. On the other hand, maybe you're the client and an agency, production house, or broadcast station created a monster for you."

Hedquist is offering two prizes to the winning entry. The person whose entry is chosen as the Sow's Ear, "worst of the litter" gets a free copy of the "60-Second Copywriter" CD & workbook containing one-minute techniques for creating better radio. The winner also receives "A Treasure's Trove" fantasy audiobook produced by Hedquist Productions for the New York Times' best-selling book of the same name. Get the details here.

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by Steve Hall    Aug-18-05    
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Billboard Begs Lindsay Lohan to Call Radio Station


Minneapolis radio station KDWB has placed a billboard asking Lindsay Lohan to call into the "Dave Ryan in the Morning" show, apparently, because she is in the area filming the Robert Altman film, "A Prairie Home Companion." It seems morning man Dave wants a piece of Lohan just like Altman got here. Image courtesy of Flicker user uberculture.

by Steve Hall    Jul-21-05    
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Howard Stern's Contract With E! to End

As Howard Stern prepares to make the switch to Sirius Satellite Radio, his contract with E! Entertainment will end in nine days according to reports in The New York Daily News. E! will retain broadcast rights for all previously recorded Stern shows and another broadcaster may step in to take over the television broadcast

by Steve Hall    Jun-21-05    
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Clear Channel Uses Pirate Radio Tactics to Promote New Station

Stay Free reports Clear Channel Radio (as initially determined through Whois registration and copied here) is behind a fake pirate radio station website in Ohio on which, for the past week, the practices of Clear Channel itself have been mocked. According to those that visited, the site contained content as well as discussion boards. Though upon visiting the site today, the site simply says, "The radio revolution begins Tuesday May 31st. Stay Tuned." Even Whois info seems to, somehow, have been changed removing all reference to Clear Channel. It seems Clear Channel has hastily cleared it's path of all detection.

The site is said to be a promotion for a format change for one of Clear Channel's Akron Ohio stations. According to those in the area, other station broadcasts in the area, on Clear Channel stations, have been interrupted with cryptic promotional messages. More discussion and details here.

by Steve Hall    May-26-05    
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MP3 Usage Reduces Teen Radio Listenership by Almost Half

A recent study by Bridge Ratings & Research found just eight percent of radio listeners who have owned an MP3 player for more than six months listen to radio less. While those who have recently bought an MP3 player do, certainly listen to less radio as they get comfortable with their new music source, the study suggest MP3 is not a radio killer. However, for the 12-18 demo, it may be. After owning an MP3 player for six months, 45 percent 12-18 year olds listen to radio less.

by Steve Hall    May-25-05    
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Roadcasting Another Nail to Radio's Coffin


As if radio broadcasters don't already have enough going against them with the explosion of MP3 players, repetitive playlists, and Podcasting, Roadcasting may help deliver that final nail to the medium's coffin. Roadcasting is a system that allows you to hook up your MP3 player to a low power antenna that will broadcast whatever's on your MP3 player to other car's FM radios within a 30 mile radius. While certainly legal issues surround Roadcasting, it's a medium that, like many other burgeoning citizen-created media, is certain to see growth. Metafilter has discussion. There's even a spec spot floating about promoting the idea.

by Steve Hall    May-22-05    
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XM's Opie & Anthony Get CBS Reporter to Swear Live On Air

Radio personalities Opie & Anthony, continually pushing the envelope of decency, today, stood behind New York CBS 2 reporter had an intern stand behind Arthur Chien with an O & A sign shouting "XM Satellite Radio!" Chien, believing his network had cut aways to another feed, turned to the duo and shouted, "What the fuck is your problem?" Humorously, Chien did not know he was still on the air, live for all New Yorkers to see. Whoever has footage of this precious moment, please send it to us.

UPDATE: Video footage is here.

by Steve Hall    May-19-05    
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FM411 Brings Originality Back to Radio


Hoping to squash the homogenization of radio caused by focus group induced, unoriginal, repetitive playlists, FM411 has introduced a service allowing people to submit requests which are then electronically relayed to area radio stations who can then, with permission, notify listeners when their request will air.

Rolling out nationally in the coming months, the service debuted in Boston today with street "protesters" trying to "Make Radio Waves" and "Take Back Radio." FM411's hope is to build enough clout that radio stations will actually heed listeners wishes.

by Steve Hall    May-19-05    
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