Helena Bonham Carter Gets Naked With A Giant Tuna


It's no longer news when a celebrity gets naked in support of something, particular PETA. But this work, featuring a very naked Helena Bonham Carter...and a tuna, is a bit different.

Sure it's for a cause. A good one, in fact. Called Fishlove, the campaign, something Carter's friend Greta Scacchi is behind, calls attention to over fishing.

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by Steve Hall    Feb-11-15    
Topic: Celebrity

Justin Bieber Does Mark Wahlberg For Calvin Klein


Long, long ago in an alternative galaxy far, far away, Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg stripped down to his underwear in, perhaps, the hottest celebrity-fueled Calvin Klein ad since Brooke Shields cooed "No one comes between me and my Calvin's."

Twenty-three years later, another music sensation, Justin Bieber, has donned some Calvins and bared his body for all to see. Now we all know there's simply no comparison between Wahlberg and Bieber but Bieber did get to shoot his ad with the super-hot, and previous Calvin Klein model, Lara Stone.

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by Steve Hall    Jan- 7-15    
Topic: Celebrity

In New Lingerie Ad, Britney Spears Proclaims, 'I Am the Dramatic Beauty of the Night'


It's been quite some time since we've wagged our tongue over the most popular ad babe of all time, Britney Spears. As you may recall, she's done work for Candies, Pepsi, a Japanese tea brand, she's worked with the NFL and, of course, she's promoted all kinds of her own branded products.

Now she's back promoting a line of lingerie, the new Intimate Britney Spears Anemone Collection. In a new ad she can be seen frolicking about wearing the lingerie and cooing such nonsensical gibberish as, "I am the dramatic beauty of a city at night" and "Moonlight silhouettes the curves of my body. And the sharp vines of thin black strings that keep the dash of daring mesh and scalloped edges where they belong."

That said, the woman has had a lot of ups and downs in her life, a lot of drama and, no doubt, a lot of sadness. So, hey, if she can leverage her fame into lines of fragrance and lingerie, all the more power to her.

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by Steve Hall    Sep-10-14    
Topic: Celebrity

Watch Gisele Bundchen Put Social Media Trolls In Their Place in This Under Armour Ad


In a new Under Armor ad, despite being told she should stick to modeling or she's too skinny or she's nothing special or she's fake, Gisele Bundchen, in boxer training gear, defies all odds and kicks the crap out of a punching bag while detractors' (and supporters') tweets are projected on the walls around her.

The ad, which follows a similar one created with Misty Copeland, breaks today and was created by Droga5.

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by Steve Hall    Sep- 4-14    
Topic: Celebrity

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I'd Totally Follow Halle Berry Into the Jungle After Watching This Smoldering Fragrance Ad


I've been in love with Halle Berry for, well, forever. Did you know she's 48? Not that that matters other than it just means I'm old. But I could watch her pick weeds in an abandoned warehouse and still be entranced.

So I'm lovin' this new ad she's done for her fragrance line, Wild Essence. In the ad, we see her walking through the jungle giving the viewer a come hither look. And, really, who wouldn't want to come hither after receiving that look?

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by Steve Hall    Aug-27-14    
Topic: Celebrity

Paris Hilton is Back in New Carl's Jr. Ad!


Can you believe it's been 9 years since Paris Hilton washed that Bentley while eating a Carl's Jr. BBQ Burger? Well, she's back.

Hilton, 33, makes a cameo appearance in an ad featuring Sports Illustrated model Hannah Ferguson. As the black bikini-clad Ferguson washes a pickup truck -- seductively slathering soap all over herself just like Hilton did in the original -- Paris appears and says, "You missed a spot." So awesome.

It's all to promote the chain's new Texas BBQ Thickburger. But who cares about that. Not only do we have one hot chick selling us a hamburger; we have two!

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by Steve Hall    Jul-24-14    
Topic: Celebrity

Penelope Cruz Is About to Freak Us Out With A New Agent Provocateur Ad


Last year, Penelope Cruz work with Agent Provocateur to create a dazzling video in which lingerie-clad women frolic about in a mansion as a man wearing sunglasses ogles them while strolling through. In the end, the epic lust-fest is all in the man's head.

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by Steve Hall    Jul-21-14    
Topic: Celebrity, Racy

Sin City Movie Poster Banned by MPAA For Showing Too Much Eva Green


Poor Eva Green. A great actress who, along with Jessica Alba, will appear in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Pretty awesome. So why poor Eva Green? Because she's too hot for the Motion Picture Association of America which has banned one of the movie's posters which, it seems, reveals a bit too much Eva Green boob.

Specifically, the MPAA banned the poster "for nudity, curve of under breast and dark nipple areola circle visible through sheer gown." Well thanks for being so specific, MPAA. Guess we don't even need to look at the poster to know how awesome it is.

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by Steve Hall    Jun- 2-14    
Topic: Celebrity

Gus Van Sant Directs Highfaluting Ads For BMW i8


To introduce the very futuristic-looking i8, BMW enlisted the help of actors Michael Pitt (Boardwalk Empire), Sam Hazeldine (The Monuments Men) and Mickey Sumner (Frances Ha) who, directed by Iconoclast's Gus Van Sant, utter poetic hyperbole of epic proportion.

For a car as cool as this, we guess you can say just about anything. You know, like fashion ads. They make no sense whatsoever but they seem to build a brand just fine. SO prattle on and sell some i8's, BMW.

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by Steve Hall    May-14-14    
Topic: Celebrity

It's Almost Like Patrick Dempsey Didn't Want to Be In This Beautyrest Ad


So we get a press release and it's all like "Given that the Beautyrest Black mattress fuses luxury and technology for the ultimate sleep performance, Simmons has tapped racing and auto performance aficionado Patrick Dempsey for the spring campaign."

And we're like, cool. We haven't seen McDreamy in a while. We wonder if he's still as ageless as ever. Well, we could hardly tell. Because he's hardly in the ad.

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by Steve Hall    May-12-14    
Topic: Celebrity