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Apple Gets Porn Spoof Treatment

In this version of the ever increasing number of Apple commerical spoofs, a guy explains why having a computer is so much better than magazines for the masturbatory process.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-04    

InterMall Media to Accost Shoppers at Malls

Shopping in a mall is certainly not a quiet experience but it may become an even less quiet experience after InterMall Media hits consumers over the head with their new widescreen advertising monitors. The monitors will be located in high traffic areas and advertisers can buy 15, 20 or 30 second spots. The prices are cheap too - only $650-$1,300 per mall per month. For advertisers, there's some great location based targeting opportunities here. For consumers, wearing earplugs and blindfolds may become standard mall-wear.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 5-04    

Pepsi's Anti-RIAA Commercial Gets Spoofed

Entitled "Fight Back," this spoof of Pepsi's Anti-RIAA commercial, which initially aired during the Super Bowl and offered consumers 100 million free music downloads, taunts the RIAA with statements such as "Payback is a Bitch" and says the RIAA cheats artists, screws consumers, and claims crime does pay. The spot was created by James Saldana and produced by IDC Films. The ad promotes the site whatacrappypresent.com which humorously illustrates how this generation views a prerecorded CD as a pointless gift and offers advice to parents on how to kids really like to get their music. The battle begins. Thanks to Adland.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 4-04    

CBS Cameras Cut Away Too Quickly to Catch Family Friendly Boob Moment

Ryan Perry of GorillaMask posts a picture that CBS obviously missed and could make this entire boobgate fiasco moot. Apparently, all Janet Jackson was trying to do was help a poor stage-wandering baby out by offering some milk. She really wasn't whoring herself in a desperate attempt to save her falling stardom. She was just doing a good little deed for a helpless child. So come on CBS, MTV and NFL, layoff the poor girl. See the whole picture and a complete image and video round-up of the event here.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 4-04    

Ad Age's Bob Garfield Ranks the Super Bowl Commercials

Calling it "A Super Bowl of Ads to Forget," Ad Age Critic Bob Garfield give's us his view of the SuperBowl spots.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 4-04    

AOL Wants Partial Refund For Super Bowl Half Time Sponsorship

Janet's boob did more than just piss of MTV, CBS, NFL and the conservative right. Janet's boob has also irked AOL because, according to their sponsorship agreement with CBS, the agreement was supposed include re-broadcast over the Internet for a week or two following the game. Now that that's not happening, NBC, who paid $10 million for the sponsorship wants a partial refund for that lost exposure.

While AOL may have lost some exposure, Janet's breast is receiving worldwide notoriety courtesy of the same medium AOL was denied. With all that exposure, AOL would have been wise to launch a viral ad campaign that somehow incorporated the image of Janet along with AOL branding. So instead of "AOL Top Speed," perhaps we'd have, "AOL Top Tit." There must be a frustrated agency designer out there somewhere who'd love to do that, right? AOL could just deny it and ride the PUMA-like exposure which it would surely receive.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 4-04    

U.K. Polaroid Launches Racy and Odd Online Valentine Promo

Poloroid, or someone spoofing Polaroid, has launched a viral microsite called Polaroid Love Letter which allows users to create customized electronic email cards that include racy S & M related snapshots. Strangley, after entering only a few characters of your message, you are challenged with a pop up saying, "Enough Now!" There are the usual links to Polaroid products, Wallpaper and even a "Lover's Toolkit" which provides links to buy champagne, flowers, lingerie and Polaroid products. It's obviously targeting the cheeky British sense of humor.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 4-04    

Patriots Super Bowl Party Big Excuse For Yesterday

I was far too busy enjoying myself with a million other people on Boston today at the Patriots Super Bowl celebration to write anything here on Adrants. Sorry about that. I know you all went into withdrawal. I went to a WZLX Radio sponsored event right in the heart of City Hall Plaza, the end point for the victory parade. There was screaming. There was Yelling. There was climbing out of windows. There was dancing. There was drunken ass grabbing but the names of those involved in that particular activity shall remain nameless to protect their guilty asses. There were probably hook ups too but I left before it got ugly.

All in all, it was a great day away from the keyboard. Besides, I was sick of writing about Janet Jackson's breast. I'll be back tomorrow.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 3-04    

Super Bowl Halftime Show Has Become National Joke

OK, since everyone else has, I guess I'll weigh in on the Super Boob incident.

Janet Jackson's Super Bowl Boobage is such a clear example of pop stars and their creative handlers hitting the bottom of the barrel. Seems all original ideas are taken and all the limp-brained music world can do is top one ridiculous stunt with a ridiculously more ridiculous one.

It was planned for sure. No doubt. All the corporate denials are a joke. The whole thing is the culmination of the death of honest talent. What happened to the music? What happened to talent? What happened to actually singing a f'ing song rather that lazy lip synching? Everything is so over-produced that no one even knows what a real performance sounds like anymore.

It's equally amusing to see everyone get suddenly all puritanical about this like no one has ever seen a boob before. OK, it was on national TV and kids could have seen it but I'm quite sure there are not many kids out there that don't know what a boob is. There's nothing wrong with nudity per se but the way Janet used it was a cheap attempt at out-"Britney-kissing" all the other pop stars rather than displaying some actual talent.

The half time show has become a national joke. And so have pop stars' lame attempts at stardom.

Anyone hear of a team called the Patriots that won the Super Bowl yesterday?

by Steve Hall    Feb- 2-04    

Ad Age Features Super Bowl Spots

Here's a few of the Super Bowl commercials courtesy of Ad Age. There were only a few good ones this year. I did not particularly like the AOL Top Speed Commercials but did like the Cadillac spot with the funky water effects. According to the surveys though, I'm about the only person that did like that one. The farting horse for Bud Light, of course, was great as was the Budweiser Donkey spot. What was your favorite?

by Steve Hall    Feb- 2-04    

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