Joe Jackson Sells Out--One More Time


(Not, Michael Jackson's Joe Jackson either, freaks.) Guess it wasn't for a "limited time only" seeing as it ran last year--and then again this weekend. I hadn't seen this Taco Bell spot then so why not post about now, and open/reopen the debate about selling out. As one blog comment summed it up:

"Actually, f*** the Gordita, Joe Jackson's new album Rain is mind-blowingly amazing. Check it out, and forever ditch the Taco Bell."

For fans, whenever they hear a song they grew up with used to sell whatever, they freak. For the artist, they pay bills. Who's wrong? Who's right? From a band POV, check out this older interview with Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes and why selling out isn't possible. (The band that went out back tonight with Outback Steakhouse.)

Lest the brand and agency escape the arguement, is basing your ad strategy on a song the way to go? (Especially if you bastardize one?)

by Bill Green    Nov-16-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Television   

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