The Little Red Chair That Could


Space Chair. Not since Dennis Hopper stood on the little bastard has a chair gotten this much attention. You can see the making of here and the rational behind it, but basically Grey London wanted to do something that reinforces the Toshiba ethos of innovation and using technology in ways others don't. So, why not float a chair 98,268 feet and record it with hi-def Toshiba cams as the highest recorded commercial evuh! (That's 18 miles high kids--space begins at 62.)

Ok, fair enough. That does that and it's cool. But, without the behind the scenes, what's going one beyond an armchair reference at the end is a little confusing, and the line becomes something which takes it in a slightly different direction. (I would argue that viewers care most about clarity, not distant shots from space.)

Wait, what's that, artist Simon Faithfull's Escape Vehicle no.6 already did this five years earlier and no props were given? Oh. (That's okay guys. We added his name to the tags here since they seem to be left off the YouTube spot. Oversight I'm sure.)

But the track is still gorgeous, innit?

by Bill Green    Nov-16-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Television   

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