List of Young Director Award Winners (Cannes)


Last night the Palais Stéphanie hosted the 13th annual Young Director Awards, which promotes the work of young directors in advertising, short films and music videos.

Below is the list of winners (videos included when they were available). European and non-European entries were awarded separately. Note that some categories only awarded second prize winners.

Music Videos

Second Prize EU (two awarded):

"Esther's" by Director Charles de Meyer (UK). Production company: Tall Stories.

"Flames" for karl x johans (Sweden). Director: Gustav Johansson. Production company: Camp.

First Prize Non-EU:

"Control" for Spoek Mathambo (South Africa). Director: Pieter Hugo and Michael Cleary. Production company: Orange Films.

Second Prize Non-EU:

"Always Coming Down" for Cordrazine (Australia). Director: Stephen Carroll. Production company: The Otto Empire


Second Prize EU:

"I Am the Rules" for client Nike/Foot Locker (UK). Director: alexandliane. Production company: factory films

Second Prize Non-EU:

"Dad's Love" by director Wataru Sato (Japan). Production company: tyo inc.

Test Commercials

First Prize EU:

"Femme-o-Matic" by director Jelmar Hufen (Netherlands). Production company: comrad.

Second Prize Non-EU:

"First Date" by director Ben Callner (USA). Production company: Collective.

Film School

First Prize EU (two awarded):

"Exorcist" for Dirt Devil (Germany). Director: Andreas Roth. Production company: filmakademie baden-württemberg

"We miss you" by Director Hanna Maria Heidrich (Germany). Production company: filmakademie baden-württemberg

Second Prize EU:

"Whatever Happened?" by Director Christian Mielmann (Germany). Production company: filmakademie baden-württemberg

Second Prize Non-EU:

"Public Execution" by director Y-C Tom Lee (USA). Production company: Art Center College of Design.

Web Films

First Prize EU:

"Nokia n8" by director Sumo Science (UK). Production company: aardman

Second Prize EU:

"The Carpet" for No Hair (Germany). Director: Georg von Mitzlaff. Production company: Element E Filmproduktion gmbh.

First Prize Non-EU:

"Words" by Director Everynone (UK). Production company: Epoch Films

Second Prize Non-EU:

"Wolf is Back" by Director Michael Lockshin (Russia). Production company: Bazelevs.

Branded Shortfilms

First Prize EU (two awarded):

"The Car Parts" by for Subaru (Germany) Director Timo Schaedel. Production company: Timo Schaedel.

"We Miss You" by Director Hanna Maria Heidrich (Germany). Production company: filmakademie baden-württemberg.

First Prize Non-EU:

"Hong Kong Honey" by Director Kiku Ohe (Australia). Production company: Exit Films.

Special Jury Award

"We Miss You" by Director Hanna Maria Heidrich (Germany). Production company: filmakademie baden-württemberg.
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