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Publisher, Writer, Advertising Professional

I'm an ad guy. Or, at least, I was before I got fired for wasting too much time on the job writing Adrants, now my full time obsession which, thankfully, pays all the bills. Somewhere along that path of goofing off at work, I co-founded the online marketing site MarketingVOX. I also publish the ad:tech weblog and founded AdGabber, a social networking site for the advertising industry.

Cut 'N Paste Bio

Steve Hall has done time in media, account management and new business at, among others, Leo Burnett, Starcom/Mediavest, BlackSheep Marketing, and Bozell, where he managed marketing budgets for both consumer and business-to-business clients including Reebok, Sperry Topsider, Monster.com, Tyco, Marriott Hotels and MarshmallowFluff. Steve has written about and spoken for industry associations on topics such as the advertising's role in consumer-controlled media, the integration of public relations and advertising, the future convergence of media, the rise of social media and the decline of traditional media. Along with publishing Adrants, Steve co-founded MarketingVOX, an online marketing publication and is co-founder and publisher of the AD:TECH industry trade show weblog. In early 2008, he founded the advertising social networking site, AdGabber.

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