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Advertisers Pass on Superbowl and Wait For Oscars to Launch New Campaigns

More and more advertisers have traded in the football for the sequined dress as the environment in which they choose to launch new advertising campaigns. It's the Oscars over the Superbowl for many advertisers this year.

Pepsi, J.C. Penny, Yahoo, AOL, and others will use the March 23 Academy Awards broadcast as the platform from which they will launch their new campaigns. [via Chicago Tribune]

by Steve Hall    Mar-17-03    

The PUMA Ad: Here We Go Again...With Nokia This Time

The uptight reactions to the latest round of spoofs ads just won't stop. Now Nokia is upset with a video clip, mentioned here earlier, that is circulating the Internet showing a cat getting stuck on a ceiling fan, spinning around, slamming against the wall, and concluding with a reveal that shows the whole stunt being recorded with a Nokia video phone.

Cease and Desists anyone? [via Courier Mail]

by Steve Hall    Mar-17-03    

More Miller Catfight Ads...with Guys

This could so easily have been predicted. You all remember the Miller Light Cat Fight Ads that aired earlier this year. Well, now there are more. And this time they will feature guys removing their tops and displaying the typical six pack (hey now there's a pun). View the spot here.

Apparently, Miller received 2,500 complaint from the original Cat Fight spot so what do they do? They come out with a "guy" version. Or, should I say, a version for the ladies. In the spot, two guys are about to start fighting but then they get all "sensitive". One of the guys says, "I'd really like to start communicating better."

Oh please...can't they just beat the shit out of each other like the girls did in the mud wrestling spot? Now that would, at least, be "equal" time.

Even as Miller gets all politically correct on us, they know what the guys want to see so there will also be a new Catfight spot featuring Kitana Baker, the Playboy centerfold who was one of the catfighters in the first ad. Get your TiVos ready.[via USA Today]

by Steve Hall    Mar-17-03    

Joe Millionaires's Paul Hogan Featured in Taco Bell Ads

Seems as thought the "stars" of Joe Millionaire are not really the stars. It's butler, Paul Hogan, who seems to be getting all the post-show play. First, he gets a gig on the Anna Nicole Smith Show. Now he has a deal with Taco Bell to appear in a spot promoting the chain's Steak Quesadilla. The began airing March 16.


by Steve Hall    Mar-17-03    

Sharon Stone to Star in AOL Spot

AOL will feature Sharon Stone in an ad, created by BBDO, for its Broadband service. The spot will air beginning with a placement in the March 23 Academy Awards Show on ABC.

by Steve Hall    Mar-17-03    

Attention PUMA

Do you think you can stop this:

Feedster Search for Blog Posts About PUMA

by Steve Hall    Mar-15-03    

PUMA's Response to the Best Ad Campaign in a Long Time: Stop

So there's an ad campaign racing around the web that has absolutely everyone talking about it and what does the advertiser do? They send a cease and desist letter trying to hush the millions of FREE mentions they are getting all over the web. You can't talk about shoes this week without mentioning PUMA. So the ads are a bit risque and, of course fake, but what more could a company want then the entire web talking about their company? Apparently they want us to shut up as illustrated in the letter from PUMA below:

March 12, 2003

Re: Unauthorized PUMA Image

Dear Sir or Madam:

It has come to PUMA��s attention that an unauthorized, sexually suggestive and
defamatory image portraying the PUMA brand is currently being depicted on the Internet
web site http://adrants.rantworks.com, a site which I understand is owned and controlled
by your company.

Please be advised that such offensive image was created without our knowledge or
consent and is extremely damaging to the PUMA brand. Your intentional publication of
the image will likely injure PUMA��s reputation/ good name and excite adverse and
derogatory opinions against PUMA. The image is obviously defamatory in nature and
PUMA will not tolerate its continued use.

Further, your use of the offensive image infringes upon the trademark rights of PUMA in
that it unlawfully depicts PUMA��s registered trademarks, which are protected under
various unfair competition and trademark laws and have been used by PUMA for many

Based on the foregoing, PUMA demands that you IMMEDIATELY cease and desist
from all further display, use and publication of the offensive PUMA image. If you fail to
comply with these demands, please be assured that PUMA will vigorously protect its
rights and will take all action necessary, including but not limited to, bringing a claim for
damages and/ or injunctive relief. Nothing in this letter shall be construed as limiting, in
any way, PUMA��s legal/ equitable rights.

Your prompt attention to this matter is appreciated.



Gawker's Response to PUMA: Open Letter to PUMA

by Steve Hall    Mar-14-03    

Wired to Publish Special UNWired Edition

It had to happen sooner or later. With the proliferation of WIFI (wireless), Wired Magazine is putting out an entire issue focusing on un-wired technology.

It just might even be time for them to change their name.



by Steve Hall    Mar-14-03    

Anna Kournikova's New Adidas TV Ad

Here is a still from the new Adidas television ad starring tennis star, Anna Kournikova. The ad follows the concept of the famous Marilyn Monroe scene in the 1955 movie, The Seven Year Itch. The ad debuted in the UK on March 11.


by Steve Hall    Mar-13-03    

Yoko Ono Places Pro Peace Ad


by Steve Hall    Mar-13-03    

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