The 'Nice Agency' Isn't Nice Again


You may recall an Adrants article earlier this year in which we shared the not so nice behavior Toronto-based agency henderson bas, which bills itself "the nice agency," displayed during one of their monthly Round Ups - an office cleaning sort of event. It all started with a leaked agency-wide email from the agency's president which chastised the staff, grade school lecture-style, for failing to properly organize the agency's monthly cleaning fest. Now, according to a recent comment in the 105-strong comment thread that article generated, henderson bas, is, it seems, being anti-nice again.

A henderson bas employee writes, "HB is at it again. At our last roundup, our 'fun' event was to assemble furniture for one of the managers. After finishing, that same manager sent out a company wide email giving the employees words for not cleaning up enough after." While cleaning ability is certainly a dying trait among most people, pissing all over the people who've just done you a favor is far worse than any lack of cleaning skills. Now if henderson bas which, by the way, says its employees are unattractive, would just put out monthly videos of these Round Ups - complete with fist bumping hipsters, might enjoy a respite while another agency's freakish inner workings are displayed for the entire industry to slobber over.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 1-06   Click to Comment   
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One Degree: Why �the Nice Agency�?

Well, we�re not the best looking agency, but everyone here has a really great personality.

What a moronic way to describe your company and employees.

Posted by: wtf? on December 21, 2006 2:23 PM

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