Mother Lovin' Ass Celebrated by Booty-Shakin' Gospel Singers


In a nod to the over-the-top celebratory stylings of gospel singers, Nivea is celebrating the launch of its Goodbye Cellulite product which, apparently, reduces cellulite on asses of all shapes and sizes. The video, which features a choir of booty-shakin' gospel singers, was created by TBWA, has been launched on viral sites like Boreme and Kontraband.

by Steve Hall    Mar- 6-07   Click to Comment   

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Love how they throw a token white girl on stage. I guess that makes it "diverse." Wonder if she even has an ass?

Posted by: Kebnabi on March 6, 2007 2:06 PM

good lord, how offensive is that?
I notice that this spot is being launched off the UK Nivea site. Please tell me they aren't planning on airing it in the US. Goodbye Cellulite has been out in every region but the US and UK for the last year with a very different campaign.

Posted by: pinsanneedles on March 6, 2007 2:55 PM

During the superbowl there was an ad that featured 2 men kissing that backfired so badly I was forced to wonder (yet again!!) why someone didn't suggest testing it in just one sports bar to see what the possible "worst case" reaction would be.

Beyond wasting money on the ad-- but the cost of long term damage to the brand itself.

Tell me nobody at Nivea questioned what the possible backlash will be if Black people (or Christians for that matter) find it offensive. Does Nivea have any Black employees??

Saying it is released in the UK means nothing. Black people (Christian or not) will find this both racist and sacreligious in the extreme. I certainly find it to be.

I wonder whether they're considering an Islamic spoof. Probably not.

Posted by: Kamau Jackson on March 7, 2007 3:25 PM

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