Today is Noise Awareness Day


It's Noise Awareness Day today...or at least that is what the good people at Electrolux, who are launching a new campaign featuring their quieter appliances, are saying. No, I don't know how to be any more aware of noise either.

Electrolux even has a a blog about the campaign, though it is updated about as often as Bob Garfield's.

I am, personally, am very noise aware, both of the wheezing of my soon-to-die refrigerator (luckily, as a bachelor, all that is in there is Sierra Nevada, Poland Spring and some old pieces of cheese) and of the newlywed couple who has just moved in next door. We share a bedroom wall. The decibels are far too high.

Electrolux can at least help me with the first problem.

by Daily Ad Biz    Apr-19-08   Click to Comment   

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