Nokia Helps Magician Reappear, Young Guns Opens


- A less than mildly amusing commercial touts the ability of the Nokia N95 8GB's GPS abilities to help a hapless magician find his way home after he makes himself disappear.

- Adidas and Diesel have hooked up for a brand mashup that encourages..."83 ways to successfully waste your time.

-The Art Directors Club has opened the call for entries for its Young Guns 6 Awards.

- Jim Beam's got a new campaign called The Stuff Inside. There's a new site and print ads will roll out mid-June.

- The Ad Council has a new exhibit at the New England Institute or Art called Advertising That Changed the Nation. It's free and it runs through June. Here's hoping the teary eyed Indian is there pleading us not to litter. (That was Ad Council, right?)

- Who needs blimp or other forms of aerial advertising when you can fill the sky above an entire city with Flogos, floating logos made out of bubbles.

by Steve Hall    May-16-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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