Hispanic and Latin American Acquisition Opportunities Examined


In the ad:tech session entitled "The Internet Economy: Start-ups, Bubbles, and Buyouts," moderated by Milbank Roy Co. LLC Managing Director Pierre-Georges Roy with panelists Global Mind CEO Marcello Montefiore, Internet Media Services Founder and CEO Gaston Taratuta, Fox Networks VP of Global Business Development Damiam Voltes and Publicitas VP of Digital Media Paul Meyer, the key takeaways were specialization and Brazil.

Not that it's a surprise but the panelists all noted, for buyers, a company with a very specific focus - or "low cost center of excellence" as Meyer labeled - and purpose is a better candidate for acquisition than one that's not. Voltes strongly recommended anyone considering selling their company use an adviser, one who is separated from the operation of the business and one that can provide an unbiased view into the deal.

Mobile, of course, was noted by all panelists as a key segment to be explored especially in Brazil where there are 135 million cell phone users. Brazil was termed by Taratuta as a country on the verge of expanse making it ripe for acquisition opportunities.

While blind ad networks were cited as a category potentially ripe for acquisition, Meyer noted these companies may have surpassed their window of opportunity having become overvalued.

While it may be a default mentality among marketers to categorize all Latin American countries having similarities akin to individual states in America, all panelists made it clear Latin American must be viewed for what it is; many different countries, each with their own cultural and economic make up. Ascribing one label to the entire region is, at best, short sighted.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-08   Click to Comment   
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