Sometimes Bigger Really Is Better


OK so Trojan has what's probably the world's smallest vibrator; good for sneaking into the conference room to alleviate boredom during some douchebag's elongated presentation. But sometimes, small isn't always good. Sometimes size does matter and you just really, really WANT a big ass vibrator to shove up your...oops, sorry. We're supposed to be talking about advertising here.

Sorry. The mind wandered there for a bit. OK. So Trojan has it's Vibrating Touch finger thingy. Hitachi, on the other hand, has the Magic Wand, something to large it looks as if it could be a baseball bat. In this video, Vanessa tells us all about the Magic Wand, why she likes it and why you might like it too.

Hmm. The correlation in size between the Magic Wand and Vanessa, herself can't really be a coincidence, can it?

by Steve Hall    Jun-19-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy, Video   

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