Recession be Damned! ad:tech to Rock San Francisco in April


OK, wake up people! It's time for another ad:tech. This one will be in San Francisco April 21-23 and will be packed full of content and networking opportunities. Some of the highlights to expect during the three day conference:

Ogilvy Worldwide Vice Chairman Steve Hayden, Hulu CEO Jason Kilar and Wikipedia Founder (some would argue co-founder) Jimmy Wales will keynote.

A series of Boot Camp sessions will offer up real world dos and don'ts when it comes to digital media and the tricks of the trade.

ad:tech Brand YOU forums and seminars will help people evaluate their skills, become better leaders and broaden perspective.

The exhibit hall, as always, will be packed with hundreds of companies for you to speak with and do business with.

In partnership with Danny Sullivan's Search Marketing Expo, ad:tech will feature a track of sessions geared specifically to "current techniques, best practices, and emerging trends for SEO and SEM, local search, mobile search, and how social media and search are being utilized in concert to create entirely new marketing platforms."

An entire session track is being devoted to mobile from DR applications to digital distribution to building brand loyalty.

The ad:tech Awards will take place highlighting and awarding the best interactive campaigns, search strategies and websites.

An entirely separate and new conference has been added called ADSPACE which is all about contextual advertising. Publishers and advertisers will learn tips, tricks, tools of the trade, new technologies, metrics, social media applications, performance branding and methods to increase eCPM.

And in another conference withing a conference twist, Affiliate Summit is hosting a Beer Garden April 21 from 10AM to 6PM and April 22 from 10AM to 5PM in front of the second floor exhibition hall. There also be an Affiliate Summit Marketing Networking Party in the Beer Garden April 21 from 5:20PM to 7:30PM.

Check out all of this and more on the ad:tech conference website and, for the socialites in the crowd, be sure to follow @adtech on Twitter, join the Facebook group and check out the Flickr group,

by Steve Hall    Feb-24-09   Click to Comment   
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Is even my beloved Adrants also on the fictional bandwagon that Jimmy Wales is "Founder" of Wikipedia?

I begin to wonder if Dr. Larry Sanger is playing out a role in some Orwellian novel where influential people who fall from favor are just written out of history.

Posted by: Gregory Kohs on February 25, 2009 9:45 AM

I can only report and check the facts I am provided, Gregory. I'd assume ad:tech wouldn't say he was the founder unless he was. Of course, when it comes to who really founds anything, the area is always a bit gray.

Posted by: Steve Hall on February 25, 2009 10:31 AM

Except when it's not gray, such as when the first year (plus) of press releases from the organization itself identified Wales and Sanger as "co-founders" each.

Posted by: Gregory Kohs on February 25, 2009 3:14 PM

You could look it up on Wikipedia, i guess.

PS what would Steve Hayden be doing keynoting a DIGITAL conference? just askin'...

Posted by: Kevin Horne on March 1, 2009 8:32 PM

Yes, we could check Wikipedia to see what it says. Here we go:


Although Wales has been cited as the co-founder of Wikipedia (with Larry Sanger) since 2001, he disputes the "co-" designation, asserting that he is "the sole founder of Wikipedia".

...Sanger suggested giving the new project its own name, Wikipedia...

...The idea of a wiki-based complement originated from a conversation between Larry Sanger and Ben Kovitz...

...Wales first stated, in October 2001, that "Larry had the idea to use Wiki software", though he later claimed in December 2005 that Jeremy Rosenfeld, a Bomis employee, introduced him to the concept...


So, does it look like someone in particular is having a hard time getting his facts straight, and is maybe telling tales to puff up his own back-story?

Posted by: Gregory Kohs on March 1, 2009 9:13 PM

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