Philips and Their Insane Clown Fosse.

It's like getting your heart set on going somewhere, but the trip along the way turns out to be far better than the destination. As it is with Philips Carousel, a cool as hell stop-motion one-shot trip through tightly choreographed clown bank heist madness. [ Post-jump ] Even though I can't figure out what it's for at the end unless I'd read the background, it's an amazing piece. (Or, maybe no explanation needed as to who it's for because people will just pass it around: "Hey, did you see this clip from Philips?") It's the first cinema-scaled screen at 21:9, hence the "cinematic" vibe. Hurray end to letterbox! Yea! The microsite though takes it to another level. Scroll back and forth inside the scene and watch extra commentary as you move through by clicking on the blue icons in the timeline. (Via Corey.)

by Bill Green    Apr-22-09   Click to Comment   

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It's so common for over-the-top commercials to suck, and this one so doesn't.

Philips is genius innovation anyway, and this ad is cutting edge art.

Shit, I'm back to being scared of clowns.

Posted by: MIchelle McCormack on April 23, 2009 12:29 AM

The whole frozen moment/roll over for more info thing was obviously done by Halo last year. But this definitely stands on its own. Damn it's cool.

Posted by: MattM on April 23, 2009 10:52 AM

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