Industry Group Launches Mentor Program to Educate 'Next Generation'


The Internet Oldtimers Foundation has established the Andy Bourland Internet Oldtimers Mentorship Program, in memory of Mr. Bourland's dedication and legacy as Co-founder and former CEO of Clickz.

Andy, who I knew personally and worked with when I was involved with MarketingVOX, opened the doors for many to be able togiving them the opportunity to succeed in the interactive marketing industry as responsible, accountable, and successful business people.

The program is designed to educate the "next generation" of Oldtimers by recruiting mentors for participation, matching them with based on industry, area of expertise, position, location, availability, age and gender. I'll be one of the program's mentors.

Over the course of the year, the protégé will be responsible for creating an industry research document to be presented at an industry conference.

This program is an amazing opportunity for up and comers to learn and network with the best and brightest in the industry, while sharing their creative ideas and rethinking marketing perspective.

Check out all the program details here.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 3-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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