Bop-It Dances, AdVerve Rants, Elf Flashmobs, Milkquarious Jams


- Like to play piano? Like the musician Adam Ben Exra? Obsessed with YouTube? Then this Instrumentube thing is for you.

- Like to dance? Like the game Bop-It? Obsessed with...oh wait...we just wrote that. Anyway, check out the new "viral" for the game.

Be sure to check out the latest BeanCast with Angela Natividad, Joe Jaffe, Kelly Edison and Ian Schafer. The ad gurus discuss Black Friday, Wal-Mart, pay-per-tweet and crowdsourcing.

- Also, the latest AdVerve podcast with Angela Natividad and Bill Green is out. Give it a listen here.

- Elf Yourself does the flashmob thing.

- Yea, it's one of those "between the action" sports moments that are supposed to make us really appreciate what the game is all about.

- To address the fact 95% of people in Rwanda who need eyeglasses do not own a pair and the fact there are only 4 optometrists to cover its population of 10 million, Adaptive Eyewear commissioned the film "Vision for a Nation" directed by Tom Merilion of Serious Pictures and edited by Dan Robinson of Cut + Run.

More Milkquarious.

by Steve Hall    Nov-30-09   Click to Comment   
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