Smooth Jazz Lures Buyers to Honda Accord Crosstour


Of there new commercial for the Honda Accord Crosstour, RPA offers, "'Instruments' relies on atypical, pronounced polygonal animation and rhythmic music to showcase the all-new Honda Accord Crosstour, a modern alternative to the SUV/CUV category. Noteworthy music, a remix of 'Fever,' helps the spot reveal how lifestyles and experiences, as well as the stuff needed to facilitate these pursuits, fit completely into the Crosstour.

In plain English, it's a decidedly different car commercial. We like it's laid back minimalism which makes the point the car has a lot of room to carry whatever you need it to carry without getting all over wordy about cubic feet and crap like that.

To create the animation in the commercial, RPA worked with Santa Monica-based design studio Elastic.

by Steve Hall    Nov-18-09   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials   

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