Boost Teases, Women Pass SB Ads, Census Latino'd


- Obama's State of the Union address was promoted with ads on Google.

- Here's Boost Mobile's four :15 teasers which begin airing on ESPN, TBS, Comedy Central, MTV and others. Full ads will debut during the Super Bowl.

- Here's a Spanish version of the U.S. Census Bureau commercial. It's from advertising agency GlobalHue Latino and production company Shilo.

- AutoMD is a new social network focused on all things auto repair. Give a read and...learn how to get that dent out of your door?

- A study from Venables Bell & Partners found men are more interested in the the actual Super Bowl game than women are and are the ones who will be more likely to rewatch their favorite ads online (45% of men vs. 37% of women). However, women (34%) were more likely than men (27%) to pass along those favorite ads on popular social networking site Facebook.

- It's not a Benny Benassi Home Depot "ad" but Craftsman Tools does want us to know how yough their tools are and have launched Craftsman Labs.

- Two Miami Ad School students made Lifeline to Haiti working with the people responsible for "shoot the banker". The website hopes to create a digital human chain that reaches from the coast of Florida to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

by Steve Hall    Jan-28-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials   

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