Pele Gets to Score Again...At Age 70


Like Rocky Balboa returning to the ring for his last fight, Y&R Brazil, along with Energy, has given the now 70-year-old football great Pele another chance to work his magic against Argentina on the field. After a tough first half, Pele gets it together and finally scores.

Called 1284, the video, which begins with Pele uttering, "If I could replay my life, maybe if I scored my last goal with the Brazilian Team, I'd like that," was created for Brazilian mobile telecommunications company Vivo which is Brazil's national team sponsor.

Lasting five minutes, 1284 was shot at Morumbi stadium in São Paulo. According to Marco Versolato, creative VP at Y&R, the greatest challenge was reproducing reality with all the details. "Despite being fiction, we wanted to produce a match as if it were a true story. And with Pelé at 70 against Argentina, it wouldn't be easy at all," he said.

The production involved 250 professionals and over 500 people as cast. A few professional players were brought in along with several Brazilian sports and journalism icons such as Rivellino, Carlos Alberto Torres, Orlando Duarte and Osmar de Oliveira.

by Steve Hall    Jun-18-10   Click to Comment   
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