FirstBank Airport Diorama Controls Crazy Kids


If you have kids - or even if you don't - do you ever get sick of them running around the airport screaming and yelling while you're quietly trying to catch a little shut eye before the next leg of your journey? Well, this new work from TDA Advertising & Design for Colorado's FirstBank may not help but at least it will keep the screaming kids all in one place.

The latest addition to the bank's ongoing "We're here to help" campaign‚Äąturns an out-of-home display unit into a children's circular treadmill. At the Denver International Airport, a plexiglass rotating signboard is headlined, "Tire your kids out so they sleep on the plane." Kid-sized handprints appear three-and-a-half feet above the floor, and, above them, the instructions, "Have children place hand here." The signboard makes one revolution every 30 seconds.

Thanks for corralling the kids, FirstBank. Now can you encase the whole thing in a soundproof room?

by Steve Hall    Jul-20-10   Click to Comment   
Topic: Outdoor   

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