Smarmy Car Dealer Too Clingy, Mr. Lube More Flexible


Sometimes a double entendre is so blunt it reaches out, grabs you by the hair, shakes you into submission and forces you to laugh. Other times, such as in this ReThink Canada-created commercial for Mr. Lube, they just slowly reach over, wink, nod and utter, "See? We can be funny without falling into the gutter."

Called Dear John, the spot, as described by the agency is a "classic girl-meets-guy, girl-buys-car-from-guy, girl-ditches-guy-for-Mr.-Lube-because-guy-is-too-clingy-and-demanding...and too hairy."

Yea, that describes it quite well.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 9-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials   

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