Sometimes Sucking is a Very Good Thing


You've got to love a company that acknowledges the fact it sucks. Especially in the case of ZipVac when sucking is a very good thing. In a video which illustrates the waterproof protective qualities of its zip lock bags, not to mention takes a riff on Will it Blend, a guy seals up his iPhone and jumps off a cliff into a river.

Of course, they could have simply dunked the bagged iPhone in a sink to make the point but that just wouldn't have been as much fun. Now the only problem with a product like this is that you actually have to have the forethought to use it. Trouble is, most of us don't. Well, at least we don't. Or didn't when we decided to go for a swim in a pool on the coast of Maine last summer only to realize, upon exiting the pool, there was a now useless iPhone in the pocket of out swim shorts.

But hey, if you're smarter than we are - and we're quite certain you are - you might want to run out and grab a few ZipVacs so you don't end up with a waterlogged iPhone like we did. Call this a public service announcement from your friends here at Adrants.

by Steve Hall    Apr-15-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Video   

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