Fashion Brand Bjorg Uses Heresy Motif to Sell Jewelry


If you're a brand that's linked to the fashion industry you can do pretty much anything you want to promote your products without anyone blinking an eye. After all, what's really left to say about a fashion brand? You either like it and will buy it or you don't and you won't. It's a purely subjective purchase decision.

Knowing that, fashion brands have long abandoned any rational approach to marketing and have, instead, decided whatever they hell they want. and never before has that "whatev" approach been better illustrated than in this Bjorg Jewelery ad. The company feels they can sling necklaces and pendants with this over-the-top content.

Or, argued another way, fashion brands dispense with the mundane and, instead, latch onto political, social or, in this case, religious notions to pimp product. Either way, it's a parade of strange. But we like it. After all, how many lame-ass, conventionally derivative ads can you watch in one day?

by Steve Hall    Nov-28-11   Click to Comment   
Topic: Strange   

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