Skittles Makes It OK to Touch A Zombie, A Werewolf and A Boob


Skittles is out with another collection of Touch the Rainbow oddities which, again, ask you to place your finger on the screen so that you can touch things you normally wouldn't touch. Previous iterations of the campaign, created by BBDO Toronto, won a Cannes Gold Lion in Film and Cyber last year.

This round gives you the chance to tickle a werewolf baby, poke a Sasquatch, go finger to finger with a zombie, take out the eye of a cyclops doctor and fondle a princess's boob until she decides to kiss you.

Not that anyone is actually going to touch the screen but we like the pseudo interactivity of the campaign. The brand has carved out a nice niche for itself. A very weird one but a nice one none the less.

by Steve Hall    Mar-21-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Strange   

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