Three Events Gently Launch ad:tech


So today ad:tech San Francisco kicks off. Much learning, insight and networking is expected. Last night, several parties kicked things into gear. After a restful nap and a martini at the Marriot's View Lounge, I met Vanessa Branco and we headed over to Row where Dataxu , AdSafe and Ligit were hosting a cocktail party. The place was packed but we did run into Lloyd Berry, a staple at every ad:tech I've ever been to.

We all chatted and then decided to head over to 111 Minna where MediaSmith and PubMatic were hosting their party. Lots and lots and lots of great food there which was good because as a matter of course we never waste time at a sit down dinner. There's just not enough time. Too many things to do.

After running into several familiar faces and snapping a few photos, I parted ways and went to Rouge where the lovely ladies from Moss Networks were hosting the Nami Media "Rouge" Rope event. It was a quiet, mellow party. The music was low enough to carry on a conversation without shouting. And the food? OMG! A full on spread of Mexican amazement. And lets not forget the Nami Media Girls. Great event.

So three events. Easy to manage. But tonight's a different story. There will be no less that 13 parties. Hopefully, I'll be alive, awake and well enough to tell you all about it tomorrow morning.

Be sure to check out the pictures from last night.

MediaSmith/Pubmatic: Flickr or Facebook
Nami Media: Flickr or Facebook

by Steve Hall    Apr- 3-12   Click to Comment   
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