Barbarian Group, Mother Host Rooftop Relaxation, Concert


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So Thursday night during Internet Week, the cool ad agencies had their parties. Barbarian Group and Mother. Barbarian Group held their party on the rooftoop of their office building in SoHo. I nice spot with 360 degree views of the city including the under-construction World Trade Center.

We ran into several friends including long-time acquaintance and former Gawker blogger Elizabeth Spiers and LippeTaylor's Sloane Berrent. We had a chance to spend some time speaking with Barbarian Group's PR Wonder Lexi Peters as well as Barbarian Group Head Guy Benjamin Palmer.

As the sun went down, we left the rooftop and headed uptown to Mother where the agency was hosting performances by Rustie and Holy Ghost. It was a crowded affair and, interestingly, we don't think we've ever seen so many smokers ever before at a party. The sidewalk was overflowing with smokers. Hmm. Is working at Mother stressful? Is working in advertising in general stressful? Does it have nothing at all to do with stress? Do we actually really care why there were so many smokers?

We also, after like ten years, finally got to meet the great Bucky Turco. For those that don't remember, Bucky Turco was an early contributor to Adrants sending in some of the greatest ad-related installation and graffiti work that graced New York's streets in the early to mid 2000's.

Turco runs Animal, a culture-focused publishing company which Mother took a stake in in the last year. Turco and his crew now sit in the industrial-style space of Mother New York's offices.

The parties were a fitting end to the main segment of Internet Week which continues through Monday culminating with The Webby Awards. Check out photos from the parties here.

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by Steve Hall    May-18-12   Click to Comment   
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