Hitler Reacts to Ad Tech


Digiday is out with an advertising technology-themed Hitler Reacts video. You've seen the video before. It's been parodied a million times with a million different topics; Leno moving back to late night, Justin Bieber not comprehending the word"German," the iPhone ending up with Gizmodo and many others.

The video skewers the present state of online advertiwsing and its ridiculously over complex fuckery which has caused the industry to foist upon us company after company whose sole missions are to fix the fucked up situation the company before it caused.

Nothing escapes Hitler's wrath here. Paid search, YouTube celebrities, Twitter, Google, RTBs, DSPs, banner ads, exchanges, agencies, retargeting, Cannes, Dynamic Logic, brand lift, view-throughs, clicks, the IAB, ad networks,

The whole thing is pretty funny. And very, very sad. But let's focus on the humor. The two most hilarious lines: "I might as well go direct to publishers. At least I'd get Knicks tickets!" and "You'll still get to go to ad:tech."

by Steve Hall    May- 3-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online, Video   

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