'I Am the King of the World' Says Internet Week


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Internet Week kicked off in New York this morning with a lot of chest beating about the city's tech start up scene. But the chest beating is warranted given that the city is now neck and neck with both Boston and Silicon Valley when it comes to the number of start ups launching and the amount of investment capital (nearly $500 million in 2011) behind those launches.

Both Internet Week Founder David-Michel Davies and New York's Chief Digital Officer Rachel Sterne lauded the cities growth in the tech space and noted that over 45,000 people will attend over 200 events this week during Internet Week. That's in contrast to less than 10,000 people and 80 events when it launched five years ago.

As with any conference, the location, 83 Mercer, is filled with sponsors. In stark contrast to what's happening with them in recent news, Yahoo! has the largest presence at Internet Week both physically on the floor and as a premiere sponsor of the event. Other sponsors include Hotmail, IAC, Demand Media, Buddy Media, LG, Google TV, Quantcast, About.com and many others.

We plan to bring you as much ad-related Internet Week information as we can throughout the week so check back often to see what's up.

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by Steve Hall    May-14-12   Click to Comment   
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