Webutante Ball Brings Out the Class


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If you walk around the creative departments of most agencies or the offices of any start up, you'll quickly notice dressing up for work has become a thing of the past. There simply are no longer any Don Drapers classing up the place. Or very few. Perhaps for one day each year that changes thanks to the Webutante Ball.

The Webutante Ball is an event which occurs during Internet Week in New York and its the one time you'll see t-shirt and jeans guys sporting a tie. The women? Well the women always look good. It's the guys who've given up class for the jeans and t-shirt look.

The Webutante Ball was held last night at Marquee in Lower Manhattan. There was free booze, everyone you'd ever want to see and lots of photo opps. So check them out here. And, yes, a prom Queen and King were selected.

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by Steve Hall    May-17-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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