Anna Dello Russo Says 'You Need the Fashion Shower'


H&M has hooked up with Vogue Japan Editor-At-Large Anna Dello Russo for a Colony-created, Alex Turvey directed video in which Russo struts her stuff and offers up a "fashion shower" of fashion commandments to honor the launch of her new accessories collection for the retailer.

In the 2:46 video, set to tunes from Producer/DJ Emiliano Pepe, Russo prances about in a grand wink to the over-the-top, very silly world of high fashion.

It's yet another tarjay-ification of the big box discount clothing retail segment formerly occupied by mundane giants like Kmart and the now-dead Bradlees and Caldor.

Which, of course, is just smart marketing. In a Walmarted world, everyone wants cheap shit but they want to feel hip and cool buying it. This is what H&M is doing. It seems to have worked for Target. Not quite sure about H&M. But we're not a fashion blog so what do we know?

by Steve Hall    Sep- 6-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Strange, Video   

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