Citroen's Transformer-Style Robots Become Singing Cylons


My, my, the Citroen robots have become more sophisticated over the years. If you recall, an early effort by Vancouver-based The Embassy had a Citroen do a Transformers-style dance atop a parking garage.

Five years later, working with Paris-based Agency H, The Embassy is out with a, well, more grounded version of the robot. Eschewing the CGI and VFX approach taken with earlier work and commenting on the new work, The Embassy President Winston Helgason said, "The tendency with VFX driven work is to make it as glossy and polished as possible, which often makes it look more fake. This is often reflected in the color grade as well. Overall, we deliberately embraced the imperfections, which in the end added an extra layer of authenticity."

Called Robot Chorus, the work is akin to a Live Aid/We Are the World-style sing-a-thon and takes a more minimalist approach to robot creation.

Personally, we prefer the tricked out, Transformers-style robots but, hey, things change and brands move on.

And the Transformers-style video:

by Steve Hall    Sep- 6-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials   

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