Surreal Chairlift Rides Highlight Copper Mountain's Ski Experience


As an avid skier, we can appreciate the surreal joy of a chairlift ride up the mountain. It's a time when you can drink in the beauty of your surroundings, enjoy conversation with a stranger or, in the case of these Wexley School for Girls-created ads for Copper Mountain, wax eloquently about the oddest stuff imaginable.

Seven new ads, shot entirely against a green screen, allow for brilliant oddities such as kids who aren't really kids, a miniature spaceship and the ability to have your actors just sit there and rap about whatever you want them to.

Of the campaign, Wexley School for Girls CEO and Creative Director said, "When people realize they're on a chair lift and cannot get off, and you mix in a little high-altitude truth serum, the ride up can become almost as memorable as the ride down. We focused on making the art direction otherworldly because Copper is unlike any other ski area on the planet."

by Steve Hall    Sep-18-12   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns   

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