Advertising Week Social Club Celebrates Industry Narcissism


In the advertising world, there is an award for everything. It's like we're all a bunch of kids stuck in a school that has vigorously embraced the self-esteem approach to learning which, let's be honest, just sets kids up for failure when they hit the real world and realize there's no trophy keeping a neat desk or returning your coffee cup to the kitchen.

It's no wonder the the ad world consist of a bunch of entitled, pessimistic, selfish primadonnas who take great pride in amassing trophy cases ful of CLIOs, Lions and any other form of metal that represents creativity as defined by the same group of entitled, pessimistic, selfish primadonnas that create the stuff.

OK, perhaps that was a bit harsh but in the face of all this self-centered back slapping, doesn't it make sense we honor what really matters in this business? Yes, of course it does. Which is why the Advertising Week Social Club has created The Hubies.

The Hubies will honor the finest examples of narcissism in the advertising industry. And, frankly, there's a lot of it. More, perhaps, than in any other industry, save Hollywood.

Tailored to mirror high school superlative awards, the Hubies are intended to serve up a wink and a goof on the industry. The name Hubies is derived from the word hubris, yet another trait this industry has in spades.

Currently, the Hubies are accepting suggestions for categories. On December 18, categories will be revealed. On January 5, nominees will be announce and voting will commence. On February 12, The Hubies Award Show Extravaganza will take place at...wait, what...on Google+ Hangout? What? No fun? No sun? No South of France?

Screw that. This industry doesn't have the humility for an event that isn't held on a beach with free drinks and 100 foot buffet tables. But it sure will be fun to find out who will be dubbed the biggest egomaniacal narcissist of them all!

by Steve Hall    Dec-10-12   Click to Comment   
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