Six Ways Digital Marketing Will Rock Your World


It's no surprise the social web has caused a dramatic shift in digital marketing. From new channels of communication to how digital marketers are expected to interact with customers, everything has changed. And many marketers are still scratching their heads and making big mistakes.

The new social web - like it or not - requires a shift in approach that rewards creativity and a willingness to engage with customers in different ways. It also lends new opportunities to digital marketers everywhere

In this report from Gartner, part of the Adrants whitepaper series, you will learn:

  • Why all media is social media
  • How speed and agility often trump scale and media buying power
  • The reasons your customers become a free marketing force
  • The benefits of new distribution models
  • The value of big data and finding bottom line
  • Getting the most out of new, innovative design campaigns
Download the free report now to insure your marketing efforts are in line with the shifting landscape of the social web.
by Steve Hall    Jan-18-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Research   

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