Chevy to SXSW Attendees: 'Don't Touch My Balls'


So as is the case with every large brand at SXSW, Chevrolet has a large booth set up just as you walk inside the Austin Convention Center. Part of that large booth is a giant set of...balls. OK, it's a Newton's Cradle.

If you're not familiar with a Newton's Cradle, it's that thing with five balls hanging from a string and when you swing the ball on one end, it makes the ball on the other end swing out without the middle three balls moving.

A giant Newton's Cradle. Just begging to be used by everyone passing by. Except no one in the Chevy booth wants anyone to...ahem...touch its balls. How unfriendly, we say!

by Steve Hall    Mar- 7-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Industry Events   

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