Leaked Microsoft Video Mocks Google Chrome


You've gotta love these corporate videos that "leak" their way into the pubic. The latest, sent to us by a reader, comes from Microsoft which is out with a video that pummels Google's Chrome for its ubiquity, a quality Google has been touting as a positive.

Riffing off the original, Chrome: Now Everywhere, the Microsoft version claims Chrome is everywhere so Google can target you with ads as you move from device to device. The ad also attacks Google for knowing where you are, who you call, what you search for, what you watch, what you email, the contents of your chats, who your friends are and what you buy...all to make a profit off you.

The ad signs off saying "Chrome has you commercialized" and "Following You. Monetizing You. Now Everywhere."

One commenter backhandedly praised Microsoft writing, "It would be nice if Microsoft´╗┐ could put as much of the effort it puts into these videos into improving literally any of its products."

And so the battle continues.

by Steve Hall    May-16-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Video   

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