Million Dollar Homepage Hits the Subway!


Remember theMillion Dollar Homepage? Created by Alex Tew, it was a simple webpage on which hundreds of logos were sold totaling, well, close to $1 million.

Now, a company called Adivide is going old school with the same idea and intends to create a subdivided ad that will appear on New York subways for four weeks in July.

Explaining the offering, a spokesman tells us, "The idea is to help smaller businesses get exposure to a lot of average new yorkers that otherwise would be too expensive. These days, a huge ad isn't necessary to get people to learn about a new product (, as a logo, slogan, or qr code (many platforms have wifi now) can get the idea across. With a lot of cool products and businesses participating, riders will make their way over to and be curious to scan and discover new ideas from this shared group ad."

Each tiny ad space will be sold for sixty five cents. Will it fly?

by Steve Hall    May- 9-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Outdoor   

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