Mondelez Gives Middle Finger to Agencies, Moves to 120 Day Payment


Get a load of this insanity. Mondelez, that packaged goods company all the social media whiz kids love so much because it's behind Oreo, has now decided it will take 120 days to pay agencies and other suppliers. And get a load of this buzzword-laden bullshit a Modelez stament gives as reason for the move:

"We're continually looking to drive efficiency and improve our processes on a global basis. Extending our payment terms allows us to better align with industry and make sure we compete on fair grounds, while simultaneously improving transparency and predictability of payment processes."

Um, what?

You meant to say you're doing this to make your books look better, are able to spend more than you have and don't give two shits about how this will affect your agency partners.

If you don't have the money and can't pay for something then don't buy it in the first place. That'll make your books look better. Not fucking vendors up the ass by making them wait 120 days for payment.

And we wonder why this country is in so much debt.

On an up-note, this is great news for FastPay

by Steve Hall    May-17-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands   

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