Apple States Its Intentions With 'Intention'


Continuing its quest to proudly tout the fact everything it does is Designed by Apple in California, the brand is out with a TBWA-created animation entitled "Intention." The work speaks to Apple's intention to perfect things versus just make them.

Designed by Apple in California an intriguing effort that shifts focus away from people's fixation with where something is manufactured to where it's designed. While brands will always seek out the lowest possible costs to make their products, they're less likely to outsource the design of those products.

For many decades following the industrial revolution, Made in America was a proud statement of fact; that everything a brand made -- inclusive of design -- was done in America by Americans. As the world shifted to a global economy and brands began to explore less costly, overseas manufacturing options, Made in America became meaningless as, for the most part, nothing is made in America any longer.

But, America is still in the business of developing, inventing, creating, envisioning and, to use a favorite advertising buzzword, ideating. Apple is capitalizing on that fact and touting it as if the statement were just as powerful as Made in America once was.

"Making stuff" will always be important. But, for now, designing it is way cooler.

by Steve Hall    Jun-26-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands   

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