Boost Mobile Makes 6,739,506th Use of Zombie Theme For Brand Films


It would seem after so many repeated uses of a particular genre, people would tire of the whole zombie thing but, it seems, as long and hot girls (Kristen Stewart) and brilliant writing (Walking Dead) are employed, the genre will remain alive and well.

Opting for the hot girl approach, Boost Mobile, working with The Monkeys, has created a series of mini-movies which weave the use of the mobile phone into the story line.

Oh and that one that takes place in the grocery store...where the hell does the electricity for the lights come from if everyone is undead? Or how about the juice to power a cell phone network so the characters can use their mobile devices? Minor details, apparently, since what seems to be important in this chapter is sticking the camera up the ass of a hot pants-clad chick as she skates around the store killing cheesy-looking zombies while her princess-like, Daisy Duke-ish girlfriend strains her brain trying to figure out what a cash register is.

At least there's a hot, read-headed nerd with oversized glasses and a crop top, who's ass the camera also loves, who rids an office of all those -- ahem -- office zombies with whom we all hate to work.

Grocery Store:


Boring Gas Station Version:

by Steve Hall    Jun-14-13   Click to Comment   
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