The Perfect Father's Day Gift: Bacon


Working with 360i, Oscar Mayer is out with a hilarious spoof of our love for bacon. In the video, we hear from Phil Roudenbusch who is Oscar Mayer's "bacon cut and design chief." He asks, " Bacon. Is there anything more noble?" Of course there isn't.

360i, which has done wonders to bring Oreo into "the social age," aims to do the same for bacon. Although we think bacon does quite well on its own in internet circles.

The video, which centers on the theme "Say it with bacon," goes on and on and on obsessing over the qualities of the perfect strip of bacon and how, well, bacon just might be the perfect gift, shoving aside such other mundane gifts as diamond rings and pendants.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 4-13   Click to Comment   

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