At Electric Picnic, Girls Love Guys Who Can't Shave


OK, first off, we really, really need to know something. Are today's women actually attracted to the cliched, razor blade-challenged man who looks like he hasn't bathed in over a week? Is that really a thing or is it just an over-used staple in a young director's toolkit?

Anyway, take a look at this two minute promotional video for music festival Electric Picnic in which a girl experiences the festival for the first time and makes googly eyes with an aforementioned scruffy-looking dude.

Electric Picnic, for those who don't know, is ten year old European musical festival held annually in Ireland. Billboard bills it as "a magnificent rock n roll circus, a textbook example of everything a festival should be." It's like a cross between Woodstock, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey with a dose of Bonnaroo thrown in.

Anyway, Cannes Young Director winner William Armstrong decided he need to put a bit of twist on your typical festival promo and came up with this story of a girl, her first time and the scruffy guy with whom she bats eyelashes.

by Steve Hall    Jul-22-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Video   

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