Insane Runaway Bride and Groom Save Betrothed From Life of Misery in Silly Nissan Note Ads


This is, perhaps the worst and most annoying "stunt commercial" ever created. TBWA/G1, rather than create your typical virtual test drive video for the Nissan Note, came up with a scenario in which either a bride or a groom bails on their wedding and gets picked up by a person taking the Note for a test drive. What ensues is some of the most grating, insipid, and utterly silly acting we have ever seen in a commercial of any type.

As you watch each of two video (one for the bailing groom and one for the bailing bride) you come to realize it's not these two who are saving themselves from a life of misery; it's their betrothed who are escaping unscathed.



by Steve Hall    Jul-24-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Worst   

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