'Legendairy' to Bring Legendary Epicness to Australian Dairy


After watching this mini epic anthem for Dairy Australia, you might have the sudden urge to run out and down a couple gallons of milk, a few pounds of butter or a side of beef. On August, 4, the Australian industry group will launch its first major campaign in six years. It will be called Lengendairy.

This legendary, pro-dairy farming epic will take the form of TV, print, digital, radio, event sponsorships as well as heavy PR and raise the awareness and stature of the dairy industry.

Of the campaign, Dairy Australia Group manager Isabel MacNeill said, "It's all about giving the industry a well deserved boost. We want to tell the story of Australia's dairy industry and it doesn't stop at just milk. The Legendairy campaign will champion the dairy industry, sharing stories of innovation, provenance and personal triumph. We believe this focus will connect the farming community with its consumers."

Of the campaign's introduction video, which consist of still images and superimposed copy, we think there could have been even more epicness had Morgan Freeman read the copy as a voiceover. Or to keep it in-country, maybe Nicole Kidman, Sam Worthington or Russell Crowe.

In any case, Australia is about to get its own Got Milk campiagn

by Steve Hall    Jul-12-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Campaigns   

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