Genetic Testing Company Wants You to Know How You Are Going to Die


Personal genetics company 23andMe has launched Portraits of Health, its first television campaign. The campaign, created by Arnold Worldwide in New York, focuses on educating consumers about how understanding their DNA can help them make more informed and proactive health decisions. The campaign, features people discussing their real 23andMe results, visualized as graphics to illustrate what they learned about their health by exploring their DNA.

It's all to convince people to develop their own personalized plan to proactively prevent and manage health issues. Knowing how your genetic make-up can affect your life and understanding the effect it has on your life is best expressed when one of the characters in the ad says, "Change what you can. Manage what you can't."

Of the campaign's approach, 23andMe President Andy Page said,"Our goal with this campaign is to provide consumer education and raise awareness about the potential of personal genetics, while also establishing 23andMe as a recognized and trusted brand. 23andMe pioneered direct-to-consumer genetic testing and our investment in advertising also represents a first-of-its-kind TV campaign that pioneers advertising for the direct-to-consumer genetic testing industry as well."

Of course the conspiracy theorists out there will label this effort just another step on the road to amassing enough data to magically manufacture the perfect race of humans who will wipe out the rest of us useless slobs ruining couch cushions with our fat asses. But, that's just the way conspiracy theorists see it. For the rest of us, hey, it might be groovy to know how what lurks within and how it will lead to our demise.

by Steve Hall    Aug- 8-13   Click to Comment   
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