Kraft Flips the Bird to One Million Bitchy Moms With Return of Zesty Guy


Oh how we love when a brand says FU to a cause group. When Kraft gave us Zesty Guy a couple of months ago, members of One Million Moms were none too pleased about an image of naked Zesty Guy with a table cloth over what appears to be the dude's partially erect penis.

Rather than bend over, pull the ad and apologize, Kraft said, "Our Kraft dressing's 'Let's Get Zesty' campaign is a playful and flirtatious way to reach our consumers. People have overwhelmingly said they're enjoying the campaign and having fun with it."

Today, the brand once again flips the bird to ladies who don't enjoy drooling over hot-looking, half naked models they way most men do and is out with a new print campaign fronted by Zesty Guy, aka Anderson Davis.

Created by Being and photographed by Douglass Friedman, Davis can be seen shirtless and pantless in new ads for Kraft's Thousand Island, Classic Ranch, Classic Catalina and Rasberry Vinaigrette salad dressings.

Kraft played this one quite well. Besides, there aren't enough hot men objectified in advertising. We need more to counteract all those objectified women, right?

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by Steve Hall    Aug-16-13   Click to Comment   
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