Miss Alabama Practically Has An Orgasm While Eating This Carl's Jr. Buffalo Blue Cheese Burger


Someone over at Carl's Jr. has a real fetish for hot women wearing heels, pleated miniskirts, cami tops, bikinis and all kinds of other hottie-wear while getting messy eating a fat, juicy burger. In this case, the hot woman is Miss Alabama Katherine Webb who, like every hottie before her, can't seem to eat a burger without spilling it all over herself and sweating her ass off while doing so.

Then again, we really don't mind watching super hot women in miniskirts do just about anything so we really can't complain much here. Although there are plenty of people who feel this sort of marketing is demeaning to women and does nothing to further the gender.

To them, we say there should be nothing wrong with a harmless bit up up time in the middle of the day to take one's mind off the pressures of the job.

by Steve Hall    Oct- 4-13   Click to Comment   
Topic: Racy   

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